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The Technology

XTURA makes highly accurate measurements from photographs that enable us to calculate the geometry of an object.

Photography is the projection of a 3D scene onto a 2D plane which results in the loss of depth information.

Our goal is to reverse this process.

The GigaScan™ Technology

XTURA provides novel metrology grade, highly flexible, 3D scanning Machine Vision solutions based on targetless photogrammetry.


Our goal is to create 3D scanning targetless photogrammetry that can be used for high-accuracy applications, capturing the full surface of any sized objects.


GigaScan™ technology delivers this, and is at the core of all the Machine Vision 3D scanning solutions we are inventing here at XTURA


  • We are inventing a range of Machine Vision GigaScan™ powered products for use by technical system integrators to provide market leading 3D scanning and inspection capabilities for industrial application areas. 


GigaScan™ Machine Vision technology can be blended with any additionally required physical infrastructure (frameworks, fixtures, rigs, robotics etc), plus any analysis software needed to complete the end-to-end solution. 

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