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Developing Quality Assurance solutions for Factory of The Future

XTURA -  Developing the next generation of Disruptive Machine Vision 3D Camera technology - GigaScan™ for Automated inspection in production

“XTURA takes highly accurate automated measurements from photographs that enable us to precisely calculate the geometry of an object. Photography is the projection of a 3D scene onto a 2D plane which results in the loss of depth information.

Our goal is to reverse this process.”


GigaScan™ greater than the sum of its parts

Experts in Machine Vision 3D Scanning and Measurement

XTURA are inventing Machine Vision Targetless Photogrammetry and 3D Automated Inspection technologies for use by system integrators. We also help with the design of bespoke, fully automated inspection solutions for integrated applications.

GigaScan 3D Scanner

our mission

XTURA have been developing GigaScan™ with the intent to create a highly flexible automated inspection Machine Vision 3D scanning technology based on Photogrammetry, not only offering improved accuracy when compared to other metrology solutions, but also including all the advantages that targetless photogrammetry provides.

GigaScan™ will deliver this vision, and will enable users take the next step forward in production based metrology.

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